Language tuition   English and French


Taking a music course and learning English, or any other foreign language, was often mutually exclusive. Not any more!

The courses bring together musicians of all nationalities. The diversity of languages heard every day, the exchanges that result from one's work in music make language learning easier and provide motivation: sharing a common passion - music, making it together and talking about it together.

We offer quality tuition in intensive English by specialist teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) who are themselves native speakers.

For English-speaking students we offer the possibility to learn or improve French (FFL), as Foreign Language, also conducted by specialist teachers, all of whom are native speakers.

 The language classes can be taken in small groups or one to one, according to the student's precise needs.

The group classes consist of 5/6 students maximum.

The basic course, consisting of one, two, sessions a day, aims to help develop competency in oral communication through games and live situation, and to enrich the student’s vocabulary by using appropriate teaching material suited to needs of this young ages group.

 Parents of young students who would like to benefice from the language tuition can do so. There will be language tuition group or one to one tuition adapted to their own needs

Director of Language: Dr Alan D Moller MA (Cambridge), PGCE (London), Dip App Ling (Edinburgh)

Academic, one of the top British applied linguists specialized in language testing.

Dr Moller a retired British Council Officer has been the British Council Director of the English Language Teaching Services, addressing, amongst other tasks, the inspection of Language schools worldwide.

He wrote most of the BC Tests for English as a second language (mini platform tests) still in use nowadays

 Alan was posted in Africa, Singapore, and Malaysia and was Cultural attaché at the New Delhi British High Commission in charge of organizing the Henry Moore Exhibition. After retiring from the British Council Alan has been Chief Examiner for Trinity College London. He left TCL in 1999 and worked for it as freelance consultant for some of the projects (China


 He is now the Chief Executive of IATQuO for which he moderates regularly in Europe and Asia. (China, Korea, Thailand Italy and Spain) Alan tours as consultant for Language Teacher Training schools

 In summer 2003) he has been appointed by the British Examinations Board EDEXCEL (London) as Chair of     Examiners for the London Tests of English.

 Alan speaks French, German and is knowledgeable in Swahili and Hindi

 He is father of three children, all bilingual English/French, the first one Dawn Moller -Bellino bilingual English/French speak German as a foreign language, the second one Dr Joanne Moller- Arghiros, social anthropologist speaks, also French, Hindi, Thai and Khmer and the youngest one, Ashley H-Moller, an Airbus engineer is bilingual English/French with some knowledge in German, Hindi, Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin. Ashley sings, plays the obo and composes. Alan has 12grandchildren, 6 are already budding musicians