Under the excellent musical direction of Hazel Ross and under the lively supervision of Elizabeth Hurst-Blair the group 2008 had a marvellous time, while their parents joined in musical activities (oboe, sax, clarinet, violin, piano  and singing) and learnt French ,English, Russian and Spanish


First row from left Samuel, Sevane, Nicolas, Adam, Anna, Samson, Adash, Carl-François, Louis, Elysée, Dixie-Drea, Claire

Second row: Emma, Carolina ,Neve, Jessica, Fabio, Lousha, Kauda, Sophia

Third row Nadine Andre, Hazel Ross

Louis, Louise, Luke, Salome , Wilfried and Elizabeth Hurst-Blair

Group 2008


Her fist violin

Their fist violin

Lena 4 years old first time violinist with Hazel Ross

Dixie-Drea and Samuel


Double bass 8 and 7 years old Luke and Elysée

Seasoned duettists both 8 years old

Choir with William Godfree


Older sting players


Concert 2008

The Peter Pan Concert

Dixie-Drea violin, Samuel recorder, Elysée, clarinet, Louis drums.

EFL with Alan

Discovering the cello and its bow

Supervised activities with Elizabeth Hurst-Blair

Last year Peter Pan students having a nostalgia and back with the group for activities

Supervised activities

Jessica’s birthday party

Pyjama evening once a week      The children watching “August Rush “

Violin lesson

Making friends for life? Jessica and Lousha

Making friends for life? Kauda and Sevane


Learning Drums

Swimming pool time

At night parents, teachers and older students have a nocturne swim

Some children prefer sleeping in the dormitories

Sending wishes round and saying good bye to each other, last day of the course

The Jazzy Mums:  Isabelle, M-Judith, Rosa, Joanne, Kathryn and Aneta