Feedback course 2007 as they arrived


Sunday, 29 July 2007


Dear Arlette, Sasha, William, Alan, and others,
An elated, inspired and happy Theodor has just landed in Geneva, a thousand thanks.
On occasion, we would be most grateful for getting an echo from his main teachers with observations on his performance and potential, including any useful practical advice.
With warm regards,

Peter Kung    For Theodor Kung 15    Violin Masterclass with Alexander Trostiansky /orchestra conducting with William Godfree



lunes, 30 de julio de 2007

Dear Arlette


I just want to inform you that Alonso has arrived home. I want a thank you also for all your attentions in his visit and for allow him to assist with you,

He is very happy and motivated. Any information that you can provide to us, good or bad will be very helpful for us, considering that he wants to be a musician.

Thanks again for your kindness

Best regards

Alberto Miramontes

Mexico, D. F.   

 For Alonso Juarez 14      Piano masterclasses with Alain Villard and Vira Müllerova


segunda-feira, 30 de Julho de 2007

Dear Arlette, Alan and Various Teachers:


As newcomers to your summer course and on behalf of Manuel, Rita and Maria I would like to thank you for the great experience they had in Frensham that, for different reasons, was very significant for each of them, according to their different personalities, approaches to life and interests.


Our “full time musician” Manuel ( in the sense that music is central and his main interest in life…) was overwhelmed by the opportunity of  attending  Sasah (Alexander Triostiansky) ´s classes, with  the benefit he took from what he learned  and the great pleasure of listening to him playing so beautifully , as well as the great  piano classes with Vera, the Orchestra which was a premiere for him and for Rita  the wonderful sessions with David Heyes.

Thank you very much for all your organisation.


Best regards


Clara de Moura Guedes

For Manuel, Violin Masterclass with Alexander Trostiansky

 Maria and Rita Peter Pan Course




Dear Arlette and Alan,

This year, for the first time, I want to say something about your precious work.

Really I only repeat you what I already told you.

The period of Frensham for Albertina and Arturo is a sort of magic engine, it's pure fuel that gives them energy and perspectives for the rest of the year.

The importance of this musical experience is also and mostly connected with its climate of friendship, in which they create new relations with other young people from all over the world that has the same passion for music; and all this relationships survives for the rest of the year with letters and mails in which they continue to share the magic Frensham's period.

In this close-minded and difficult world (I refer to Italy), Frensham is a sort of rare pearl that gives oxygen not only to our twins but also to us, when we succeed to come to participate to the last marathon-concerts, as we did also this year.

So I send you my best and grateful love with friendship,


Elisabetta Del Bo


Cara Arlette,

 ancora ti ringraziamo moltissimo per queste tre settimane stupende, le migliori di questi ultimi 3 anni di LMFL.

Nonostante il tempo, il divertimento è stato grande.

Anche l'organizzazione ha funzionato.

Unico consiglio per l'anno prossimo: per noi pianisti mancavano pianoforti o tastiere, perciò era una impresa ardua cercare di esercitarsi per le lezioni giornaliere di piano. Ci vorrebbe qualche tastiera in più... se l'anno prossimo ci sarà ancora la stessa moltitudine di fantastici ragazzi da tutto il mondo.

Un abbraccio a te, Arlette, ed uno doppio ad Alan che non siamo riusciti a salutare quando siamo tristemente partiti da Frensham.

Albertina (violinista e pianista)

 e Arturo (pianista e Classe di Composizione)


Dear Arlette –

We are home and all exhausted.  Rosie took herself off
to bed again this morning, which is a first.
We had a good time at Frensham, despite the awful rain on Friday. 

 I find the music very challenging, and will have to work very hard this
year to undertstand and play more, including a lot of aural training. 
The piano with William was a good idea, and the voice with Laetizia was
just a little more comprehensible than before. 

The children had a good  time, and miss  their friends there.  James is keen to carry on the clarinet......  –

After having my dinner, and relaxing, I thought my last
message to you was not completely what I wanted to say. 

Wonderful time with the children doing excellent things and learning at
the same time...... Their French lessons; Hester is a mystery to me in some ways, but she liked doing the morning session with Alan (they all enjoy their lesson with him). 
I worry that she will get too old to be able to join in with the
smaller children before she works out how to fit in with the teenagers,
but next year is a long time off.
I enjoy my music very much, and intend to work hard on it during the
year, and it is a great pleasure to meet your lovely staff and other
students on the course.
Lots of love

Romayne  Odgers-Campbell (vocal jazz)

Hester cello and French, James clarinet and recorder +French

and Rosie violin+ French




Chère Arlette,

nous sommes tous rentés sains et saufs et Federica est déja repartie pour les vacances au bord de la mer en Italie. Hier soir au téléphone elle me disait que toutes ces mélodies et airs elle n'arrivait plus à les enlever de sa tête et elle avait beaucoup de nostalgie pour les belles choses et les personnes rencontrées à Frensham.

Merci encore pour toute l'organisation et un merci special  encore au merveilleux prof de chant, Mme Poole, qui a su faire ressortir une voix et une nouvelle passion!

Bonnes vacances





Chère Madame,

Avant même de recevoir ce mail je voulais vous écrie pour vous dire que Marie était très bien rentrée et surtout qu'elle était super contente et heureuse de ces deux semaines à LMLF.

Elle a déjà parlé de vouloir y retourner!

Sera-ce dans ce nouveau lieu.

Avec nos cordiales salutations.

Famille Traube

For Marie Violin Masterclass with Alexander Trostiansky


vendredi 3 août 2007

Le retour de Frensham est toujours difficile, encore plus cette année 
pour Karl et Wilfried. Ils y sont encore...

Je voulais vous remercier pour toute cette organisation et la qualité 
de ce stage qui apporte chaque année un peu plus aux enfants.

Karl et  Wilfried ont beaucoup appris de Rustem, la vie de collégien plaît 
particulièrement à Wilfried qui regrette sa chambrée, Héléna toujours 
réservée et qui redoute la vie en collectivité a vécu cette année son 
meilleur stage... Quant à Emma, elle chante et joue de la flûte tous 
les jours depuis son retour. Le plus grand, Alexandre, a trouvé une 
vocation tardive, il veut se réinscrire l'année prochaine mais avec 
Karl cette fois, il ne faut pas perdre de vue les objectifs...

Nous restons encore un peu dans l'ambiance du stage car nous reverrons 
peut-être la semaine prochaine Claire, Elsa, Axelle et les enfants. 
J'espère que pour Alan et vous, l'après n'est pas trop dur, encore une 
fois félicitations et merci pour to

Béatrice.Gaspar for Alexandre (conducting course) Karl piano masterclass, Helena flute, Wilfried  and Emma Peter Pan course




Dear Arlette
Just a few words to tell you that Eneko has returned enthusiastic with his
experience at Frensham: music, friends, teachers, atmosphere ...,
everything was perfect for him.
We want, to thank you and all your team (specially Alex Forsyth , Gerard McChrystal , William Godfree, and the language teachers) for your efforts, and to congratulate you for the
success in this 10th year anniversary (Virginia tells me that you are a brave person: two weeks with so many teenagers around!!).
See you next year, regards

Jorge Unda & Virginia Berra for  Eneko Unda Saxophone



Monday, August 06, 2007

Chère Arlette,

Un grand merci pour l’agréable weekend end que nous avons passé à Frensham Heights.

Paul  était particulièrement ravi de son séjour et compte bien faire parti de vos chanceux élèves l’année prochaine.

Avec mes sincères salutations

 Caroline Saint-Aubert  for Paul (guitar)



Tuesday, 07 August 2007

The new place you choose for next year sounds and looks great!

Our trip is a little bit like one of Bonnie and Clide or Humbert Humbert and

Lolita (in my case 2 Lolitas): I am moving every day to a new place.

 The   children didn't check anymore, in which city they woke up.

Now I am in  Berlin and plan to stay here longer. We need a rest of our holidays!

So I   don't have a constant access to Internet.

As soon as I come to Moscow(some day in September), I will study the new adress.

Changes are good  anyway.

"Thank you for the music!" And for the nice part of our holidays!

My  children were very happy and are already eager to come the next year.

Please, try to organise a better weather next Summer!

Say hallo to Alan

 From  all of us.

With best wishes.

 Masha Polynceva –Brockstedt  for Maria, Sophia and Lousha



Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bien chère Madame,

Après un temps d'attente, notre départ a été rapide et je n'ai pas eu l'occasion de vous dire au revoir de vive voix et surtout un grand merci. Mariane a passé un séjour des plus agréable et riche de tout ce que vous avez pu lui apporter ainsi que les différents professeurs et membres de l'encadrement.

Elle en garde un souvenir émerveillé et en parle avec un réel enthousiasme.

Pour la Chine, elle est partante, mais ni son père, ni moi-même ne pouvons l'accompagner.

J'ai lu sur votre site, que moyennant un supplément de 150 Livres, vous emmenez des mineurs connus de votre groupe, seuls. Est-ce que ce pourrait être le cas pour Mariane?

Dans l'attente de votre réponse, je vous remercie et félicite encore pour le stage de Frensham.




Dear Arlette

We wish to thank you very much for the experience

Asara  has had with the Summer School. 

She has already wished that it would be good if she could return another year.
Thanks and best regards

Jean Greaves


 for Asara violin and Spanish


Monday, August 13, 2007

Dear Arlette:

Thank you so much for sending it.  Everyone who hears Thomas play, notices the difference since his experience with Paul. Cavaciutti

He has not only improved in technique but has also gained much confidence and he speaks very highly of  his time at LMFL.


Lucie Carney

for Thomas Carney (percussion)




 Chère Madame,


Adrien et Edouard ont beaucoup aimé leur séjour parmi vous .et ne rêvent que d'une chose c'est de repartir au stage de l'année prochaine !

Savez-vous si nous pouvons nous procurer le DVD du spectacle de fin de stage ???

Je vous contacterai  en début d'année prochaine pour l'inscription 2008.......

.En attendant ,très bonnes vacances .........bien méritées !


Mes meilleures salutations  







Dear Arlette,

On behalf of Jan-Einar we would like to thank you and all your team for his wonderful two weeks in Frensham. He enjoyed the language and percussion lessons very much and learned a lot in both areas. The music, the friends, the teachers and the friendly atmosphere gave him a great pleasure.

With best wishes from Rodgau (Germany)

Angela & Jürgen K. Groh for Jan-Einar Groh

Classical percussion with Jackie Kendell and drums with Paul Cavaciutti


Dear Arlette,


I have no words to describe the joy for having been to your music summer school

 I 've improved a lot my study of piano. To be in that wonderful place with music everywhere for all day it's magic.

Most of the boys and girls,  helped me a lot in the study of music,  giving me precious

advices every day and encouraged me.  My piano teacher, Alain Villard has

worked miracles with me by teaching me how to play better Chopin and ... the

Syncope of Bach.

 I hope to come back  also the next year because it’s impossible for a person who loves music missing your Music courses.

Thank you!

P.s. I enclose some photos of the course 2007.


Best regards

 Lucia Castellana


Parma, (Italy) 20th august 2007


Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Dear Arlette

I wanted to write and thank you for such a wonderful experience on the
course.  We really had a good time.  We got back into Doha August 11 and
have been busy stocking up the house, etc. since then.

Because of my work with Alain on the piano I have been motivated to sell
off my rather inadequate upright and purchase a new Yamaha Grand or Baby

Amy Sandridge (piano, violin and French)

And her daughter

 Isis Greer-Sandridge Peter Pan Course violin piano and French



Sunday, 09 September 2007

Hi there Arlette,

 I really must apologize for not writing to you earlier, but we have all

been rather busy.

When I first dropped Stephanie off, I was rather apprehensive about the course,

but those 14 days really made a world of difference.

She had an absolutely fantastic time and enjoyed every minute of it.

She made some really good friends on the course as well.

Further we have kept in touch with Nitzan Laster and he has found a great Cello Teacher

for Stephanie in Hong Kong.

So once again many thanks for all your hard work and arrangements and I would

recommend the course 100 pct to anyone at all.

Finally regards to all your family and apologies for this late e-mail.

Kind Regards

Keith Martin

Sunscot and Company

Hong Kong

Phone  (852) 2865-1889

Fax       (852) 2861-0298

Mobile   (852)  9467-036