LMFL’s   13th Jazz Summer Course workshop

Alex Forsyth Jazz coordinator


 Alex Forsyth saxophone, flute et basse,

David Frankel piano

Electric violin

Andrew Colman Trumpet & Flugelhorn


Bass brass

Sara Colman vocal jazzBass brass

Steve Banks Electric Guitar.



The Jazz course aims to cater for jazz students of all levels, whether relative beginners or more experienced players who want to develop their improvisational skills in practical situations and in the company of like-minded students.

The course will be structured to cover 2 weeks and will culminate in an end-of-course concert.  All teaching will be workshop-based.  *The students wishing to benefice from one to one tuition can register as for the classical tuition  

Depending on numbers, students will be taught as an ensemble or divided into smaller groups based on standard and experience

Tutors will lead groups with a wide variety of experience in jazz teaching

These will include Alex Forsyth saxophone, flute and bass, David Frankel piano,

 Andrew Colman Trumpet , Chen Zimbalista Percussion,

Sara Colman voice and Steve Banks Electric guitar , Luke Gilbert Bass brass and electric violin Alexander Markov (first week only)


For those who are relatively inexperienced, areas of study will include basic chord/scale relationships and their application to improvisation, basic harmony and fundamentally important genres of such as the blues, modal jazz and Afro-Brazilian/Afro-Cuban styles.

More experienced students will cover more complex tunes and areas of harmony, such as altered and substituted chords and their related scales.

In that formula individual tuition will not normally be offered (although additional individual lessons may be arranged by agreement with the course tutors).