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Our students and teachers’ news





                                                               February 2009


Our students


January  2009

Julia Hwang  12 years old became  "Jeune Espoir 2008" Laureate of the Val d'Isère C.I.M. Academy.       Richard Crabtree teacher

Val d’Isère

February 18th

Julia  Hwang got her Diploma ABRSM



March 2009


March  1st 

Manuel Abecasis got his First prize 1  CUM LAUDE  Category  D (for under 11 years old)


March  1st 

Maria Abecasis got her First Prize Category E (for under 9 years old)



Adash Herrenschmidt-Moller 9 years old got two First Prize at the Bristol Music Festival Competition 2009



Our teachers


February 19th

Rustem Koudoyarov   Recital - Schumann, Schubert, Chopin

Moscow, Museum of Skriabin

February  20th

A Trostiansky

L. van Beethoven - Triple Concerto / with A.Rudin, P.Nersesian, Conservatory Orchestra, E.Laas cond

Moscow, Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory:

Febuary 21th

A Trostiansky

Y.Galperin - Spanish Ballada / with R.Komachkov, cello, «The Seasons» Chamber Orchestra, V.Bulakhov cond.


February 22nd

Gerard McChystal  with pianist Richard Saxel Great Bowden Concerts

3pm  St Peter & St Paul Parish Church

Great Bowden Leics

February  24th

A Trostiansky

 F.Schubert, F.Mendelssohn, D.Schostakovich / with A.Bouzlov, cello, V.Stcherbakov, piano

Nizhny Novgorod  Kremlin Hall

February 25th

A Trostiansky      the same programm


February 28th

A Trostiansky      W.-A.Mozart, M.Ravel, B.Britten, M. de Falla / with S.Glavatskikh, piano

Surgut, Music college Hall

February 29th

A Trostiansky - Master-classes in Surgut Music College

Surgut, Music college Hall


March  2009


March 2nd

-Vira Müllerova

( with choir Nova Ceska Pisen ) program: B.Martinu, A.Dvorak, Z.Lukas

Smetana´s Days festival - Plzen

March 3rd

A Trostiansky     29 - 3 March - Master-classes in Surgut Music College

Music college Hall

March 4th

-Vira Müllerova  Festsaal des Bezirks Oberpfalz, -program: J.Bezdek

Ludwig-Thoma-Str. 14, 93051 Regensburg

March 13th

Abigail Dance violinist recital with Harpist Anghared Evans

Works include  Massenet, Elgar, Saint-Saens & Ibert

St Mary & Holy Trinity Church

Bow Road, London, E3 at 7.30pm

March 14th

A Trostiansky     Celebration of the Prof.I.Bochkova's anniversary: L.Bernstein - Serenada (1,2,5 mvts.) / with Conservatory Orchestra, A.Levin cond


Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory

March  16th

A Trostiansky     G.Ustvolskaya, I.Stravinsky / with A.Liubimov, piano, K.Rybakov, clarinet

Barcelona Spain

March 17-18

 A Trostiansky    Master-classes in Lisbon

Lisbon  Portugal

March 19th

A Trostiansky      Master class

Saragoza: Spain

March 19th

Rustem Koudoyarov     Brahms Concerto No.1 with Krasnodar Philharmonic orchestra , cond. V. Pon'kin.


March 21rst

A Trostiansky    V.Kikta, C.Saint-Saens, L.Shpor, S.Rakhmaninov / with Anna Verkholantseva, harp

Chicago USA

March 22nd

A Trostiansky    V.Kikta, C.Saint-Saens, L.Shpor, S.Rakhmaninov / with Anna Verkholantseva, harp

Denver  USA

March 22nd

Rustem Koudoyarov       Poulenc Concerto for two pianos and orchestra with Natalia Fomina and Symphony orchestra of Kazan state conservatoire.


March 23rd

William Godfree Cabaret, Ironmongers' Hall

Shaftesbury Place Barbican London EC2Y 8AA

March 23rd

Vira Mullerova program: L.v.Beethoven, A.Dvorak, B.Smetana

Theatre J.K.Tyla -Plzen - 10.30.

March 25-27th

A Trostiansky    Concert with T.Abramova and Master-classes

Philadelphia USA

March 27-31th

A Trostiansky    Bristol Master class

Bristol, Great Britain

March 28

William Godfree   St John Passion,

Haslemere, Surrey

March 28-31th

Rustem Koudoyarov Bristol Master class

Bristol, Great Britain

April   2009

April 1-4th

A Trostiansky    Bristol Master class

Bristol, Great Britain

April 1- 5th

Rustem Koudoyarov Bristol Master class

Bristol, Great Britain

April 7th

A Trostiansky      R.Schumann - Concerto / with Conservatory Students Orchestra, A.Rudin cond.

Moscow, Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory

April 10-11

A Trostiansky      -Master-classes


April 12

A Trostiansky      J.Brahms - Concerto in D major / with PhSO, V.Raevsky cond.


April  15-19

A Trostiansky      Regional competition Chairman of the Jury and Concert with Chamber Orchestra, V.Belynsky cond.


April 22nd

Vira Mullerova - Trio of Zdenek Lukas - program: J.Vranicky, A.Dvorak, J.Suk, Z.Lukas

19.30. Marianska Tynice

May 2009

May 12th

Vira Mullerova (with Trio Z.Lukase and L.Sabaka - piano )program: P.Samiec,J.Bezdek and K.Janovicky

19.30 -Plzen -

May 31st

William Godfree     Memories of Flanders and Swann, 

Haslemere, Surrey

June and July  2009

June 6th

William Godfree     Performance of Godfree's Requiem, 


July 2009 concerts  @ Llandovery

July 30th

Richard May  and Olena Shvetsova

Summer course’s concert Llandovery 9.30

July 31st

Gerard McChrystal and Shiroma De Silva

Summer course’s concert Llandovery 9.30

August 2009  concerts  @ Llandovery

August 7th

From 4pm Jazz students’ concert

Jazz teachers ‘ concert

From 9.30 PM

August  8th

Peter Pan Course’s concert from 2PM

Classical Teachers’ concert

From 9.30 PM onwards

August 9th

Classical students’ s concert

From 2 PM onwards


2010  July concerts in Bristol


Friday 30th

Alexander Markov

Redgrave Theatre Clifton Bristol








2010  August in Le Chambon-sur-Lignon  France





Sunday 22nd  

Alexander Markov