..I quietly opened the huge church door…There was a small but appreciative audience about to be entertained by an elegant young Russian violinist- Alexander Trostiansky-

A concert of this nature fitted in well with this elegant country Church and a look at the programme told me that he had chosen works, which demonstrated that he was a master of the violin.

Playing unaccompanied for the first half, I had to admire his poise and confidence during Bach’s Sonata in C

But it was during a work by Paganini, where he sustained the melody on one sting while playing pizzicato on the others that amazed me.

Paganini thought he alone would be capable of playing the piece. Alexander proved him wrong.

Alexander was accompanied in the second half by Pei-Fen Chen, on piano and organ.

Born in Taiwan, she was an accomplished musician….

So there you have it.

Good company, good music, and delightful surroundings- you find it all here in Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Extract form a review by Douglas Daniel  

Evening Post  Thursday 4th November 2004

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