The Peter Pan Course : 26 July - 08 August 2010- Fees Calculator


The Peter Pan Summer Course is open to young children on a residential (aged 3 to 10 years old) or non-residential basis (aged 4 up to 10 years old)

Places are strictly limited to about 20 because we wish to keep the class numbers small.

The course starts with registration before lunch which is at noon on 25th July and finishes for non-residents after dinner on 6th August, and for residents after breakfast on 7th August.

Residential families are housed in family rooms. All other bathrooms are shared.

Accompanying adults may enrol for music and language classes (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Mandarin) offered on our other summer school.

In such a case adults should enter their details into the price calculator(s) specifically provided for the other courses and not into this calculator. Preference is given to parents who register in music or languages classes.

Board and lodging is inclusive of all meals, music tuition (10 x 30 minutes on instrument or voice with one to one tuition, together with chamber music, choir and supervised activities) and administration. Third, fourth, and more children from the same family attending the Peter Pan Course will each receive a 5% discount

Peter Pan Course (debutant to grade 4)


One instrument 1/2 hour


Choir hour


Chamber music or String ensemble hour


Supervised activities 2 hours


Basic residential fee


Child residential fee Full board and lodging in shared room with parent(s)


Child non-residential fee


Extra instrumental music classes 1/2 hour, same instrument or another instrument


Percussion workshop


Language classes - small group 10 hours French/English or Spanish


Language classes - small group 20 hours


Language classes - private one to one tuition 10 hours French/English or Spanish


Accompanying adult residential fee


Accompanying adult non residential fee


Tennis practice and tuition (group of 4) - 10 sessions 1 hour


Arriving on 25th July /per person:


Rebates for resident participant (children only)


Rebate for full payment before 01/10/2009 10%


Rebate for full payment before 31/12/2009 4%


After the second child registered in the course, subsequent siblings will get 5% rebate each


Junior Course (grade 4 to grade 6)

please go to


We take only a maximum of 4 unaccompanied children and they must be at least + 10 years old