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  Fee Calculator and Registration for Valbonne price list 2014 - France      
  Valbonne Sophia Antipolis France
Summer Music course in Provence - Arrival 3rd August - departure 16th August 2014
  This form can also be used as a fee calculator; just click on the options you require to find out the prices. If you change your mind, just click on "Reset" and restart again before sending the form.      
  1. Student information      
    Given name then family name      
    Date of Birth      
    Student email        
    Both parents name if the student is under 18 years old      
    Parents email for students under 18 years old      
    Full address       
    Post Code      
    Home phone number       
    Student mobile number (if any)      
    Emergency next of kin mobile phone number      
    The instrument(s) that you play / your voice      
    Musical Level      
    Where did your hear about our course ?      
      Price in
GB Pounds
  2. Prices and options      
    Music options      
Opera workshop Don Giovanni
Please have a look at the Opera Workshop description
    Classical Voice tuition without Opera workshop
    Jazz Vocal tuition
    Strings, 10 hours one to one tuition
    Recorder one to one tution with M° David Bellugi 
    Woodwind & Brass one to one tuition
    Brass master class no individual tuition - Rosario Macaluso
    Piano, 10 or 20 hours one to one tuition
    Percussion 10 hours to one with Chen Zimbalista
    Percussion workshop 15 hours with Chen Zimbalista
    Conducting Course
    Composition Course
    Early music workshop with David Bellugi for recorders, viole de gamba, oboe d'Amore
    Theory Class
    Chamber Music
    Jazz Instrumental Workshop (15 hours)
    Jazz Vocal Workshop (15 hours)
    Language options      
    English lessons in a small group
    Italian lessons in a small group
    Spanish lessons in a small group
    French lessons in a small group
    English lessons one to one 
    Italian lessons one to one 
    Spanish lessons one to one 
    French lessons one to one 
    Basic Course Fee for students (all students) and accompanying parent        
    Basic course fee includes registration, administration costs,  use of facilities on the premises and pastoral care for under 17, choir, main orchestra and string orchestra or guitar ensemble as applicable.  
    Basic fee for accompanying parent staying in fullboard and lodging
  3. Other prices and options for the courses      
  Airport transfers      
    Transfer from Nice International Airport on arrival
    Transfer to Nice International Airport on departure
  Course discounts      
  Discounts apply only to the basic course fee (not on boarding and lodging)      
    Returning LMFL Student
    Registration for two different courses in 2013
    2 active students of the same family
    All fees paid before November 10/2013
Accommodation and full board will have to be paid for separatly at registration, by bank transfer or certified cheque in Euros.
Prices are for 14 nights and include breakfast and main meals
    1st person - Choose between choices of accommodation
    2nd person - Choose between choices of accommodation
    3rd person - Choose between choices of accommodation
  4. How to pay      
    Total accommodation in Euros (to be paid for separatly at registration)                                                                                                       -    
    Total Course and options GB Pounds after discounts (and amount before discounts)      
    Total GB Pounds after discounts (and amount before discounts)    
    Amount to be paid by Bank Transfer now (minimum 600 GBP deposit with balance payable by 1st May 2014 at the latest)  £                                                                                                      -      
    Please confirm that you have read and understood all information and conditions
    If you have any questions about the options or any other aspect of the course, please write here      
    Within 24 hours of receiving your form, we will send you a copy of your registration, and details of how to make your payment