The Peter Pan Course Musical tuition and its organization


Violin /Viola Hazel Ross

Cello Nitzan Laster

Double bass

Guitar with Luigi Borio




Flute Alex Forsyth

Clarinet Gilad Harel

Bras with Misha Grandel

Classical percussion

Jazz Piano


Electric Guitar

Our aims are:

1.       To teach the children to listen to each other as well as listen to the sounds they make themselves

2.       To make music from day one as an ensemble while also taking one to one daily music tuition

3.       To encourage them to regard this process of making music as a joyous one

Daily timetable:  According to their age and level, the children will be entitled to

ü        30 to 60 minutes of daily one to one tuition – In that second case you have to ask for an “extra instrument tuition”

ü        Another target is to make sight reading as exciting as breaking the code of a secret language to help them learn to associate each note with a precise sound and a precise place on their instrument (15 minutes a day).

ü        Workshop either of the same instruments or all the instruments together. (30 minutes).

ü        Each child will participate in a mini chamber group whatever their level (30  minutes according to their age and level).

ü        Everyone will participate in the Choir where they will learn to sing in English, French and German (30 minutes daily).

ü        The language tuition in the different languages (English, French German or Spanish) and one to one musical tuition will be held in the morning, the collective musical activities will take place during the afternoon.

ü        There should be sufficient free time to enjoy the open air heated swimming pool where our qualified  lifeguard is on hand to teach  and to practice tennis



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