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Use the drop-down menus and check boxes to make your selection. The calculation will take place automatically. To change your selections, just change the choices in the drop-down menus and check boxes. The courses are subject to availability.

Main fee comprises full board and lodging, choir, orchestra, string orchestra, free pick-up from the nearest Railway station There is a supplement for Airport transfers (From Bristol Airport only ) If a transfer is needed from and to Heathrow, we can arrange a safe private pick up.

Please consult us. .

Resident or Non-Residential?

Airport Transfer - to/from Airport?

 Unaccompanied minor between 10 & 13 years
 Child under 4 years old accompanying adult - food and lodging supplement
Language Courses

One-to-one and group format language teaching in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Mandarin is offered in 10 hr blocks. If you wish to study more than one language, select a block for each.

No student should elect to study languages for more than 30 hrs.


Discounts apply to main fee and group languages

 Returning Residential Student (5% discount)

Payment before 1st November 2010 (10% discount)

Family/Group Discount

Special Classes

Choir, string orchestra & orchestra are included in the main course fee.

 Conducting Course  Music Theory Course

 Composition Course Voice Coaching & Workshop

 Chamber Music  Percussion workshop option

 Master class (grade 7+)  Jazz workshop option

 Robotics workshop

Instrument Coaching

Each instrument is taught in 10 private session blocks. Those studying more than one instrument would take a full block for each instrument.

Harp & Piano Supplements

 Shared harp rental

 Shared piano usage (for solo piano classes)


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