The instrumental and voice tuition, Master classes, composition, conducting classes

The instrumental, voice conducting and composition tuition Classes are conducted by fully qualified and experienced teachers and internationally known performers.

·       Music for keen amateurs: Participants are required to have a minimum of Level 7 or 8 in one instrument, the second or third instrument can be lower grade

·       Music as an enhancement in the preparation of future professionals (Level 8)

: We do prepare young instrumentalists for entrance audition for the Higher Musical Schools (Royal College of Music, Royal Academy, Guildhall, or Conservatoires Supérieurs de Musique etc…

Please note that for non-English speakers, who wish to enter the Royal College of Music, Royal Academy, Guildhall, acquiring an acceptable level of spoken English is a must. We provide this sort of coaching during the course


There will be a limit to the number of students an individual teacher can take, and if a student’s first choice of teacher is no longer available he or she will be assigned to another appropriate teacher.

Summer School choir

With William Godfree: The Choir is one of the main features of the Summer School and that most people attending will want to take part..

Most of our instrumental teachers rush in it   Membership is open to all without audition.

Chamber music coaching

The Summer School offers an extensive chamber and wind chamber music program, which is organized

Varying ensembles (according to standard, instrument and preference) play together informally and formally

Coaching is available to players of all levels in either pre-formed or informal groups. The availability of professional coaches and chamber music associates offers amateurs the opportunity to be coached and also to play with professionals in some sessions.

Orchestral workshop

 With Maestro Matthias Dulack

Also open to all who will satisfy the audition, rehearsals  every day except on the first Sunday

Master classes

Given by leading artists master classes are generally for the advanced student or professional musician wishing to undertake intensive study. Entry is limited and students are selected The classes are open to observers registered in our course                                                            Jazz workshop   The jazz workshop is open to all (classical students as well!)

Percussion workshop

Your workload

 If one of the choices is composition we recommend that the students do not take more than two other disciplines, but it is possible to have two different instruments tuition and voice for example.

We have notice a growing tendency of our students to taking too many tuitions or classes and they usually end up the course totally exhausted and we would like very much to reverse this tendency



At the end of the course, students and teachers will give three public concerts.

Participants are therefore requested to bring concert dress with them, white shirt, black bow tie, and black trousers or skirt or national code dress and decent shoes.

Music stands will not be provided for, so it is essential to bring one’s own.

The concerts are recorded. DVD Copies will be made available for the participants.

The uniqueness and the seriousness of our music course come from the certainty of each participant to benefice from 10 one-to-one sessions with the teacher of one's choice.

The intensity of the workload proposed is quite special: on top of individual tutorial daily session, the chamber music groups are formed on arrival and each student participates in one group. The orchestral work is on ten sessions of one hour and a half each. The Choir and the Chamber Choir operate daily as well