New in 2009†††† LMFL Percussion Workshops with Andrea Vogler


This workshop is open ipso facto to all percussion students

Other students who may wish to register for the workshop only are advised to do so separately as soon as possible.

There is an additional £50 fee for students not registered in one to onepercussion lessons

Registered percussionists will work the Orchestra Programme in their one to one tuition sessions



  1. Basic percussion techniques


This workshop will cover:

          Basic stick/mallet control

         Playing techniques for a variety of instruments (including timpani, snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, tambourine, triangle)

It is recommended that any percussionists registered on the course attend this workshop


  1. Improve your sense of pulse and rhythm


Do you wish you had a better sense of rhythm? Do you struggle with counting?†† If so, this is the workshop for you!

We will use rhythmic games and body percussion to increase confidence and understanding of pulse and rhythm.

(There will be the opportunity to work one-to-one if required)

Participants must be able to read basic music notation


  1. Drumming circle


A unique opportunity to explore the power of drumming in a group

No experience necessary

For examples of drumming circles follow the link below


Non readers welcome


  1. Junk percussion


Create a performance piece using recycled materials and junk in the style of STOMP


For examples of STOMPís work follow the links below


Non readers welcome