Organisation and Information



There are two kinds of participant

a)   Non-resident: local students, or participants who choose to live out in hotels, B& B etc. taking two main meals from Monday to Saturday

b)   Resident: those who board and take all their meals at Llandovery College for the duration of the course.


There are several ways to find accommodation for non residents:

1.       Some bed and breakfasts around Llandovery College

2.     Hotel: some very nice hotels nearby, at walking distance





Adults may also be accommodated at Queens College at the rate of 40 (board and lodging) per day. This fee comprises the use of the sporting facilities. Tennis

All applications must be made in advance.

We must however emphasize that Llandovery College is not a hotel (no double beds, and there are more showers than bathtubs!)

Meals: particular care will be taken to provide balanced and enjoyable menus - full English breakfast, continental dishes for lunch and dinner, varied salads, and a choice of English desserts. Vegetarian meals are on offer.

In addition, there will be a short pause in the afternoon for tea for those who would like this extra refreshment!


Most halls of residence have got kitchens and facilities to prepare teas or coffees


There are 4 tennis courts and a golf course The local swimming pool is 5 minutes walking distance


Both types of participant are assigned to one of 4 groups:

1.    T he adult over-18s group,

2.    The junior 13 to 17-year-old group, the junior groups are supervised and given active and positive support by trained staff.

3.    The Junior group (20 accompanied children maximum) 5 to 11 year olds

4.    We take sometimes if known to us from a previous course- advanced level only, unaccompanied children from 11 to 13, but never children who have not board before.

 The junior group members will have to conform to the basic rules and regulations of Llandovery College and LMFL.

The Junior Group accompanied by a parent will be under the constant supervision of their parent(s) but still will have to follow the bed time hours for each age group.

Junior students in possession of a written authorisation from their legal guardian/parents will be authorised to leave the school premises in the afternoon/evening without supervision a copy must be sent by mail before the start of the course.

We want to emphasize that we do not favour this kind of authorization.

Nevertheless if the course directors feel that the junior student abuses that authorisation and puts himself (herself) at risk, the authorization will be cancelled. This is not negotiable.

Senior group participants are not affected by the above arrangement but, nevertheless, in cases of anti-social behaviour senior participants will be asked to leave the course and the premises without any refund possible.

Any decision on a disciplinary issue is the sole responsibility of the Course Director.

  Social life

The LMFL College summer courses have as their objectives

- Creating a highly motivating musical atmosphere for all participants, and

- Encouraging social interaction between all in order to give each student the feeling of belonging to one big musical family.


Social life evolves mainly around music making, evenings busy with our teachers and advanced students giving solo performances or chamber music concerts.

 General Information

 1. We suggest that participants obtain a certificate of insurance against civil liability, theft, and physical injury and send it with the final payment.

2. We particularly draw your attention to the need to insure musical instruments as well (loss and theft).

3. Students normally resident outside the European Union should hold medical insurance.

4. Use of all sports equipment at the school is free.

5.    The number of resident participants is limited by the number Llandovery College can accommodate. Registration of non-resident participants may also be limited in order to ensure high standards of teaching and an enjoyable working atmosphere.

6.    Applications will be treated on a first come first served basis.

7.    You can only insure your place by paying the full fees

8.   We were filled up to maximum capacity in Summer 2013 and had to refuse 30 requests for registrations, so we recommend early registration -it will start in October

9.   For those coming from far away it is possible to rent double basses and sometimes cellos.

8. Nevertheless, the Course Directors reserve the right to cancel the course if the number of applicants is deemed to be too low 3 months before the starting date of the course. In this instance, the total amount already paid will be refunded in full and no other type of compensation will be given.

9. If a participant decides to cancel after the 1stMay, the deposit (600) shall not be refunded. If cancellation takes place after the 1st June, no refund of the minimum registration fees or total fees will be possible.

10. The balance of fees is due on or before 1st June after which date any reserved accommodation not paid for in full will be re-let.

11. We strongly recommend that you take out insurance to cover cancellation costs.

12. The College has a very strict indoors non-smoking policy. Anyone breaking this rule in their bedroom or in the common rooms will be asked to leave the course and there will be no refund of fees.


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