Good news of the course and the coming year

Harry Kartoun-Giles just finished Oxford with a First Class Degree Bravo!


Lucy Ford, after obtaining the required marks at her IB, has been accepted in Oxford Bravo!


Jean-Luc Borsarello  became a first time grandfather during the course  to a little Fée Capuçon (daughter of Gauthier and Delphine, both cellists)


David Bellugi and Rebecca Hayward   became also grandparents for the first time


Arlette Herrenschmidt-Moller and Alan Moller welcomed on October 15th  their 14th grandchild Joseph Herrenschmidt, son of Grégoire and Katia Herrenschmidt


Julia Hwang winner 2009 for the Rotary Young Musicians Competition


DVDs of the students ‘concert (2dvds -10 hours)) of the jazz students & teachers ‘concert  (1dvd-2 hours) and of the Peter Pan Course’ s concert  (1dvd 1 hour) are for sale for £5 each

The magnificent teachers’ concert (1dvd-2 hours) is on sale for £30 (the profit of this sale goes back to the teachers) and sold exclusively to the course participants or former courses’ participant

Course 2009 Feedback

Thanks a lot again to Arlette for the perfect organisation and to all my great teachers!!!

I had a very good time with you and enjoyed it very much!

Although some weeks have passed since then, I remember all the moments in the lessons and the college and during the concerts. Good luck for your work!


Ulrike Götz who is the Director of a German Music School  (Ulrike came as a student (recorder, violin and conducting)  and was brave enough to take on the Peter Pan Course ‘s recorder group)



Dear Arlette,

Caspar has arrived yesterday evening and indeed he enjoyed LMFL very much. Especially he is enthusiastic about how much he has learned from Alex Forsyth and thought it was a pity there is not the possibility to be his student here in Cologne. 

But he also liked classic chamber music. It was the first time he accompanied flutes and other instruments and I am very happy about this. Because I am able to play traverse flute and a friend of him also does we will play the new music here in Cologne…... 

Caspar also spoke about coming back to LMFL next year (please write us if you know the dates) and my husband and me are looking forward to travel to Britain again. 

We also were in Wells, just the day after you have told about. It’s really wonderful and very interesting - quite another thing than French or German Gothic.

Thank you very much for everything, an than you in Caspar‘s name to all teachers and helpers of LMFL.


Kristina Jung

For Caspar (piano and sax)  (Germany)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Chère Arlette, cher Alan,
La magie du LMFL a de nouveau opéré, et plus que jamais: merci pour tout cela, à la fois pour nous et pour nos enfants.

L'air du pays de Galles était particulièrement propice à l'étude, loin des grandes concentrations urbaines, mais quel que soit le lieu, quelle que soit l'année, l'harmonie est toujours au rendez-vous, et on en repart comme toujours rechargé de bonne volonté et d'idées nouvelles, plus ambitieuses, entraîné par l'excellence de l'équipe pédagogique et des élèves.

J'ai regretté de ne pas pouvoir rester une soirée de plus avec vous, à Bristol, mais ce n'est que partie remise.
Avec toute mon affection et ma reconnaissance,
Dr Alexandre-Pierre Gaspar

Tuesday, 11 August 2009 (France)

For Karl, (piano), Wilfried,( violin and piano) and Emma (cello)


Dear Arlette,

                Hope all got home safely.  It took me five hours I didn't realize the time length of the journey home.  I had intended to make a trip to Cornwall as I said to my sister just as well as I didn't I think I would have been exhausted.  I enjoyed meeting the others, and hope to keep in contact with some pending on the year that's in it. 

                   All the state exams are out now, and I should know about my University place soon.  At least with Mr Godfree I achieved to have written two works of I am very pleased about  - I will be sending him the finished Mid night Mass for Organ, and voices which is completed but not typed as yet.  I have some rest bite now, and travel home to Galway which is another four hours trip.  Weather here is good.  Would it be possible to send me a copy of the student’s concert I don't see it up as yet? My regards to every body Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

 I am yours sincerely,

 Mark F Gillan

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Mature student in Composition (Irish)


To Arlette, Alan, Aneta and Ashley

 On behalf of Maria, Rita and Manuel Abecasis we would like to thank you for the organisation of the XII LMFL Course.

Best regards

Clara Guedes

Friday, 13 August 2009


Dear Arlette and everyone else who made this year's LMFL possible,

Thank you very much for two fantastic weeks! Thanks to the teachers from whom I learnt so much and to all the people there who made this year as exceptional as last year. The atmosphere you create is amazing and unique and I love the combination of music and languages in the international setting of LMFL. I loved the new location in Wales and I hope to see you again next year,

All my best wishes,

Lucy Ford  (British ) Sax and Russian

 (Lucy got accepted into Oxford for Fall 2009)

Sunday, 16 August 2009


Hi Arlette,
Thank you very much for your organization and the good Languages and Music courses that Marie and Valère have been able to follow this 2009 summer at LMFL, in Wales.
It was a very good opportunity for them to become more acquainted with you, LFML fans and new music professors.  Marie and Valère are already looking forward to participating again to next year’s edition.  

Being in the middle of his adolescence growth period, Valère appreciated to be able to share a house with another 7 teen-agers, and at his level of maturity, Marie appreciated to develop contacts for her near-future E.U. Erasmus grants and trainings.
With thanks again for your superb language and music camp
Kind regards,

Luc de Brye

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Marie violin and English

Valère piano and English


Dear Arlette, dear Alan, dear Ashley and dear Aneta:

so grateful we are with you for the fifth experience that our twins Albertina and Arturo could enjoy another time with the usual intensity.

In this new perfect and charming location of Llandovery, the spirit and the mood of Frensham came back  again and also it might have improved (if it were possible...) with the pleasure you could feel among all the young musicians to play toghether in harmony and friendship!

Both Albertina and Arturo were particularly enthusiastic,  and desperate to have to  leave: during our transfer to Manchester they didn't stop one minute to remember all the special musical experiences they got through, all the precious friends, all the music they sang, they played....

They both said that, each of them for different reasons, this one has been for them the best LMFL.

And for me and Adalberto,  returning every year to join you is like to return back  to a very special family, which we feel to be a part.

So, see you for the next LMFL, with all our friendship

Betta and Adalberto Del Bo.

For Albertina (violin, piano and first time voice) and Arturo (piano, percussion and conducting)

Monday, 17 August 2009


Dear Arlette

 I also want to thank you again for all your love and work which you do with and for LMFL!
It was such a good time for me.
I am very happy about the excellent lessons, the contact with the teachers, the polite and very friendly children and their parents.
It was so nice to make new friends!
Have a good holiday!
(Will you put the Hindemith of the students' concert also on you tube?)
Best wishes!

Ulrike  Götz) Germany  Director of music School

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

 ( recorder master class with David Bellugi- Conducting course with William Godfree -Violin with jean-Luc Borsarello)

Ulrike conducted brilliantly,  the recorder classes with the Junior Course

Dear Arlette
It was our son’s first LMFL course with you. 
It was like being behind the scenes of one of Federico Fellini’s best films; students were having a great time while at the same time working hard; extraordinary teachers were imparting their considerable knowledge with gusto to their students; and Arlette/Federico Fellini creating a magical atmosphere, an incredibly strong organisation and a deep sensation of everyone being part of an international music related family!
Saying thank you, Arlette, is not enough.
Thank you for the human and educational experience you offer these young people from all over Europe, thank you for choosing the best teachers who make it possible, thank you for your effort and competence that make everything work. And above all, thank you for your casual and witty Federico Fellini like skills!
So… you can be sure of this… we’ll be back!
Giacomo Stella and Cristina Biolcati
For Eugenio Stella (Italy) percussion, electric guitar and jazz workshop
Cara Arlette
per la prima volta abbiamo fatto parte della "compagnia" di Llandovery... come dietro le quinte di un film di Fellini: ragazzi affiatati nel condividere l'allegria e il notevole impegno, maestri di grande talento capaci di trasmetterlo con passione agli allievi, e la pregevole regia di Arlette/Fellini che ha saputo realizzare un'atmosfera magica, un'organizzazione perfetta, e soprattutto la sensazione di far parte di una grande famiglia internazionale legata dalla musica!   Dire grazie Arlette non è abbastanza.. Grazie per l'esperienza umana e formativa dedicata ai giovani di tutta europa. Grazie per aver riunito insegnanti di tale spessore da renderla possibile. Grazie per la capacità e fatica organizzativa per cui tutto ha funzionato con precisione. E soprattutto grazie per la regia, spontanea e arguta, alla Fellini! Dunque...non ci resta che dire: arrivederci! 
Giacomo Stella e Cristina Biolcati
genitori di Eugenio Stella (Italia) percussioni, chitarra elettrica e jazz workshop 


Bonjour Madame Herrenschmidt,

Même si l'adage dit "mieux vaut tard que jamais", je suis confuse de vous remercier si tardivement pour l'aide précieuse que vous avez apportée à Adrien, notamment lors de son arrivée. 
Merci aussi pour l'excellent séjour qu'il a passé en votre compagnie. Je vous répète ses mots :" les 15 plus beaux jours de ma vie!". Je crois que ça en dit long sur la façon dont il a perçu ce stage. 
Il n'a qu'une idée en tête : y retourner l'année prochaine et il économise d'ores et déjà afin de pouvoir suivre d'avantage de cours : conduction d'orchestre et composition entre autres...
Le 30 septembre prochain, il passera le concours d'entrée au conservatoire de Lille en flûte et nous croisons les doigts. 
Quelque soit le résultat, nous vous tiendrons au courant et ne doutons pas que votre stage lui aura été bénéfique.

A nouveau tous nos remerciements,


Anne Garreau

Bonjour Arlette,

Un petit mail "de rentrée" pour vous remercier de ce très beau stage.
Les enfants sont ravis et ne demandent qu'à revenir l'an prochain ! Ce que nous feront a priori si cela est possible.

Bon WE à toute votre  famille,

Olivier, Sylvia, Marc et Matthieu Cervera

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Feedbacks from the course 2008 as they arrive

Thursday  21st August 2008-

Dear Arlette

 Thank you very much for the last two weeks.

 The course was magical and everyone was very friendly. I made lots of new friends, loved the countryside and went on refreshing walks.

 It was very lovely to meet foreign friends and share a dorm with them.

 I've never been to Shrewsbury before and it was very beautiful.

 The student concert was the longest concert in my life!!

 It was very fun teaching Adash even for a short amount of time.

 He played very well!

My mum still misses playing and teaching him.

 I would love to help little children next time~~

 There was always something to do other than practice, which I loved.

 I also liked the swimming pool very much and tennis and football!

 My mum enjoyed it very much as well.  We still talk about it all the time!

 I miss the music course especially friends but we have email.  Please send the cards to the teachers!~~

 Thank you very much,


Julia Hwang  12 years old violin (Bristol) Korean

Masterclasses Richard Crabtree and Alexander Trostiansky

and Jasmine

Bristol UK


Friday, 22nd  August 2008

Bien chère Arlette,

 Je ne saurai vous remercier assez pour ce séjour magique où je vous ai découvert comme étant la maman d'autant de gens, allant du petit enfant de 13 mois à l'élève ou étudiant ou encore professeur ou parent. 

 Bien à vous,  Dr. Ragneta Stepanian  (Student in Russian and Advanced English)

For Sevane 5 years old  Peter Pan Course -piano, violin, cello and English-

Geneva Swiss


Saturday, 23 August 2008-

Dear Arlette,

I wanted to thank you and everyone from LMFL for such a fantastic experience

Last week.

I had an amazing time, learned so much and had so much fun as well.

Thanks again, hopefully see you next year!

Lucy Ford

Clarinet, Saxophone, Russian and Spanish


Sunday, 24 August 2008

Dear Arlette


On behalf of my children, Manuel and Maria Abecasis,  that participate for the 2nd time, I would like to express our deep-felt thankfulness to you and Alan for organising such a wonderful course that gives them the opportunity to benefit from the contact of great teachers/artists as well as from the very challenging and warm atmosphere you create there.

To meet so many young  (and not so young) people from all over the world that share a common passion-music-is really a magic idea that can help build their characters so that they can become better individuals.

Specially for my son Manuel this has become a most expected moment of the year and landmark for his life and love for music has he had the great chance of have met the wonderful teacher and amazing violinist Alexander Trostiansky that was generous and patient enough to teach him for the 2nd year in a row.

I would like to extend our thanks to all the other great teachers present in the course that contributed to make it so great and appreciated.

Also for parents it was again a great joy to witness the happiness of our children and the progress they made both in music and English but also regarding self-esteem, autonomy and independence.

You can count with us for next year.


Clara Moura Guedes

 On behalf of Manuel (violin, violin master class, strings orchestra, orchestra, chamber music and piano) and Maria (violin, cello, strings orchestra, orchestra and chamber music)

from Portugal


dimanche 24 août 2008

Chère Arlette,
Une fois de plus, le rendez-vous estival du LMFL fut une grande réussite.

Le passage d’un lieu à un autre  montré que, plus que le lieu  (le nouveau collège est par ailleurs magnifique, , ce sont les hommes et les femmes que vous avez choisis qui font le miracle de ce stage qui permet à chacun, du débutant au musicien confirmé, d'y trouver son bonheur tout en améliorant sa pratique des langues.

L'intensité de ces 2 semaines est telle que l'on s'en trouve un peu dépossédé une fois replongé dans le quotidien de l'existence.

Heureusement se profile déjà l'espoir du prochain été qui sera, j'en suis sûr, aussi studieux, aussi convivial, aussi enthousiasmant pour nous tous.
Avec toute ma reconnaissance et mon affection,
Dr Alexandre-Pierre GASPAR


Monday, 01 September 2008

Dear Arlette,
we just returned now in Milan from a place in which internet was very
trembling and shaky, so that's the reason of our silence until now!
Albertina and Arturo have been,  as all past years,  very engaged and involved
in all musical activity, and it seems that every year ,  more and more.
They are very happy at the idea to return next year.
Albertina the morning of all the departures was so moved when she had to say
good-bye to William and Vira!
In any case there had been a lot of changes certainly this year in because of the different site, because of the different
"urbanite" dislocation of the buildings of this always fascinating
boarding-school, because there was a larger presence of very young musicians
with all their families, and so on.
We are sure that in all this changes the LMFL will always maintain the
spirit of brotherhood and fraternity that doing music together inspire in
all these young musicians from all over different nations.
With all our profound gratitude for your generous, passionate and clever
work that every year is so successful, we send to you and Alan and all your
family, our love and our friendship
Elisabetta and Adalberto Del Bo


For Albertina violin andr piano and Arturo Composition and piano



Tuesday, 02 September 2008

Dear Arlette,

Thank you very much for the follow up of the course and the pictures.

We only got back home 2 days ago and are still enjoying talking about the wonderful time we had and the wonderful people we met.

We spent all the way back home in the car (2300 km!) singing together Ave Verum, All things bright and Beautiful, etc. (William would probably have fainted if he had heard us!). We definitely want to come back next year, so please, put the four of us on your list (we will wire the reservation tomorrow).

We can really tell our children have discovered how to enjoy music in the Peter Pan course;

  When we decided to enrol the children for the course this year we were not sure about taking classes ourselves.

Thank you for inviting us to do so, we discovered you are never too old to learn and to overcome your fears.

We would like to thank Sarah (Colman) and Alex (‘Forsyth) for their excellent classes, their enormous patience and for being such wonderful peoples.

A special thank for our English teacher Alan, who is not only the perfect English teacher but also an inspiring person to see as a model: his temperate manner and warm personality did not go unnoticed and were very much appreciated by everyone.

Maybe you were unaware, but many of us saw you holding hands and embracing each other during the final concert.

Also our expression of gratitude for Ashley (and his lovely wife Aneta), who, in all circumstances, no matter how exhausted, worried or upset, always kept a smile and friendly attitude.


And, of course, many many thanks to you for being the heart of this life enhancing project.

No cultural clashes, misunderstandings, broken mattress springs, bad pianos, rainy weather or hard to digest liver with gravy can spoil this wonderful experience!


Take a well-deserved rest. We will keep in touch,

Rosa ,  ( Vocal jazz and advanced English) Charles,  (saxophone an advanced  English

) Carolina and Nicholas Janssen Telders  (Peter Pan Course)


Charles Janssen


Janssen Executive Search & Recruitment

Madrid ( Spain )

M (+34) 606 44 75 25


Saturday, 06 September 2008

Dear Arlette, Alan, Alex, William

Eneko arrived at home after his second summer at LMFL, delighted and inspired.

He is dying for returning next summer.

Thank you very much for your help at picking him up from Liverpool.

Thanks to Alex Forsyth and William Godfree for the stimulus and motivation they transmitted to Eneko (a brief feedback from them would be very much appreciated). Thanks also for the English professors, Eneko improved it significantly.

This year we missed the opportunity of joining you at the end course auditions. Last year we enjoyed that very much, the atmosphere, the enthusiasm and joy of the young performers,

We hope to see you again next year.

Thanks again,

Jorge and Virginia Unda

 for Eneko pre-course and course saxophone and EFL


Monday, 15 September 2008



Encore un très grand merci pour le stage. Ce fut une expérience magnifique.

 Pour l'année prochaine, le stage aura t il lieu au mois de juillet ou plus tard au mois d'aout?


 Isabelle Grimaldi

Pour Isabelle guitare, chant jazz et russe

Claire violon,

Louis, piano et guitare

Carl Francois violoncelle

Pierre-Francois  Advanced English



Wednesday, 17 September 2008


We thank you for your Love with music and children. Antoine and Martin enjoyed very much the company of all musicians. Martin wants to come next year to work classical percussion , jazz drumming  and of course cello .  Antoine would like to come back but it’s more complicate. As soon as possible we’ll register .

Say  Hello to your large and musician family

Receive our friendly kisses

Helene Wiget & Edouard Beux

For Anoine, jazz violin + composition

and Martin Drums and cello


Saturday, 20 September 2008

Dear Arlette,
I am sorry we did not get a chance to see you and thank you at the end of the summer course.
Chandni had such a fantastic time seeing old friends again, making new friends and playing music.

She was so enthusiastic she said she wanted to stay longer next time.
She is already looking forward to next year.
I hope all is well with you and best wishes,
Karen Pagarani

For Chandni violin, French and theory


Dear Arlette,
We miss you and all the time spent there but we will have a big treasure inside us

. In Italian we say: abbiamo fatto una esperienza molto arricchente.

Stefania Jade Trucchi

 Main course and Peter Pan Course


vendredi 3 août 2007

Le retour du stage est toujours difficile, encore plus cette année 
pour Karl et Wilfried. Ils y sont encore...
Je voulais vous remercier pour toute cette organisation et la qualité 
de ce stage qui apporte chaque année un peu plus aux enfants.

Karl et  Wilfried ont beaucoup appris de Rustem, la vie de collégien plaît 
particulièrement à Wilfried qui regrette sa chambrée, Héléna toujours 
réservée et qui redoute la vie en collectivité a vécu cette année son 
meilleur stage... Quant à Emma, elle chante et joue de la flûte tous 
les jours depuis son retour. Le plus grand, Alexandre, a trouvé une 
vocation tardive, il veut se réinscrire l'année prochaine mais avec 
Karl cette fois, il ne faut pas perdre de vue les objectifs...

Nous restons encore un peu dans l'ambiance du stage car nous reverrons 
peut-être la semaine prochaine Claire, Elsa, Axelle et les enfants. 
J'espère que pour Alan et vous, l'après n'est pas trop dur, encore une 
fois félicitations et merci pour to

Béatrice.Gaspar for Alexandre (conducting course) Karl piano masterclass, Helena flute,

Wilfried  and Emma Peter Pan course



Tuesday, 07 August 2007

The new place you choose for next year sounds and looks great!

Our trip is a little bit like one of Bonnie and Clide or Humbert Humbert and

Lolita (in my case 2 Lolitas): I am moving every day to a new place.

 The   children didn't check anymore, in which city they woke up.

Now I am in  Berlin and plan to stay here longer. We need a rest of our holidays!

So I   don't have a constant access to Internet.

Changes are good  anyway.

"Thank you for the music!" And for the nice part of our holidays!

My  children were very happy and are already eager to come the next year.

Please, try to organise a better weather next Summer!

Say hallo to Alan

 From  all of us.

With best wishes.

 Masha PolyncevaBrockstedt  for Maria, Sophia and Lousha



Wednesday, 09 August 2006

Chère Arlette,
Vous avez créé un monde à part, en invitant toutes les générations à se
retrouver autour de la musique, du plaisir et du travail, et pour cela nous vous serons toujours reconnaissants et fidèles a
. Le plus difficile est, comme nous l'avions prévu, de se retrouver dans le monde "normal".
Quand le DVD sera-t-il prêt?
Et les photos en ligne?

Dr Alexandre-Pierre GASPAR





Feedback course 2007 as they arrived

segunda-feira, 30 de Julho de 2007

Dear Arlette, Alan and Various Teachers:


As newcomers to your summer course and on behalf of Manuel, Rita and Maria I would like to thank you for the great experience they had in The course that, for different reasons, was very significant for each of them, according to their different personalities, approaches to life and interests.

 Our “full time musician” Manuel ( in the sense that music is central and his main interest in life…) was overwhelmed by the opportunity of  attending  Sasah (Alexander Triostiansky) ´s classes, with  the benefit he took from what he learned  and the great pleasure of listening to him playing so beautifully , as well as the great  piano classes with Vera, the Orchestra which was a premiere for him and for Rita  the wonderful sessions with David Heyes.

Thank you very much for all your organisation.


Best regards


Clara de Moura Guedes

For Manuel, Violin Masterclass with Alexander Trostiansky

 Maria and Rita Peter Pan Course




Sunday, 29 July 2007


Dear Arlette, Sacha, William, Alan, and others,

An elated, inspired and happy Theodor has just landed in Geneva, a thousand thanks.

On occasion, we would be most grateful for getting an echo from his main teachers with observations on his performance and potential, including any useful practical advice.

With warm regards,

Peter Kung

For Theodor  Violin masterclass


Dear Arlette

Just a short e-mail to say thank you to your husband for such a wonderful weeks

I really enjoyed meeting so many new and wonderful people and it was great to have the opportunity to work with William and conduct the orchestra.

I did give Ashley some photo's but since coming home I have edited and improved many of my pictures.

I will post you a CD of them so you can use them if you need to. 

Once again thank you.

Every blessing

Alan Combes   Conducting Course



Dear Arlette

Just to say thank you for allowing Stefan the Anne-Sophie Herrenschmidt Scholarship

Without it he would not have been able to come

He had a wonderful time and made some wonderful friends

He also grew extremely fond of both Jean-Luc Borsarello and Alain Villard and was very sad to say good-bye to both.

When he got home he has a letter from his piano treachery, who is 84 years old saying that he passed Grade 7 piano with distinction, which was wonderful because he has only been playing the piano for the past 2and half years.

He was so sad to leave everyone that Saturday; I n fact I ‘ve never seen Stefan so upset, he fell asleep in the car, tears still running down his face. It was a log journey home and we arrived back late at 3.30am.

We cannot say thank you enough, Arlette. You do a wonderful job.

We are trying to save every hard for next year because I know how much Stefan wants to come back.

We all enjoyed the concert very much, it was a lovely evening and very emotional because Stefan was about playing his violin without score and also he ‘s never played the piano in public before, because he never though he was good enough.

 It was a very difficult thing for him to do, but he did it and we thought very well

Best wishes Glenn, Barry and Stefan Spencer


Stoke on Trent



Dear Arlette,
We miss you and all the time spent in the course but we will have a big treasure inside us

. In Italian we say: abbiamo fatto una esperienza molto arricchente.

Stefania Jade Trucchi

 Main course and Peter Pan Course


Hi Arlette,


How are you after another summer course? I hope you are feeling well and you are resting. I am only writing few words to let you know how happy I have felt this year there.


Personally I think it has been the best year in all aspects. I am not only happy because  I really have worked hard (something I enjoy doing it), but because the quality of the concerts.

 I think the teachers’ concert has been the best in all these years, quality pieces and short (the idea of including Letizia in it I think it was great and I hope she continues singing in the teachers concert in future summer courses). Also the kids concert was great, the idea  of doing one for the Peter Pan Course before lunch was fantastic as good as living for after dinner the best students.


I do not have any negative point (apart of the food) about the musical part, I can see how every year is improving and getting better this course and it is nice. I think the rest of the teachers are excellent and I am very fond of Jean Luc (great man and person). I


Well I wrote more that few words, but to resume I want to congratulate you and every body who has helped you in the success of this years summer school and I hope the future brings more joy, fun and happiness to you and the summer course.


Yours friendly

Inigo Alonso Viribay


Dear Arlette, Dear Agnès,

This was my 4th time in the LMFL course

Every year is different: the weather, the number of students, the teachers, the program,  ... All that may vary except one thing: 15 days of intense work in a very friendly and congenial atmosphere.

For those who were not with us, here is a summary of these 15 days.

- The weather: what an English weather! 30° C every day and 34°C (the highest temperature in record in England) one day. I'll remember that because of the beautiful "coup de soleil" I  got.

- The swimming pool: thank God there was a swimming pool; very useful when we got 15 minutes between 2 rehearsals or lessons.

- The pub: not enough time to go to compare the atmosphere of ALL the pubs around

- The food/ catering: Very good for a diet. I never ate such a lot vegetables and oranges in 15 days!

- We’ve got a lot of new friends: wasps. I don't understand why you invited so many wasps this year, and I forgot the instrument they played.

Thank you Arlette and Alan for having managed that so well for over one hundred people. 

Now, I am (back to work) in Paris: 17 °C (hard to believe that we are in August!), tired but happy to have spent my holidays working hard with Sarah Poole (classical singing), Letizia Morelli (jazz singing), (percussions), and Edwin Rolles (chamber choir and choir).

See you next year!

Tatiana – Paris 40+ years old (classical and jazz singing, percussions)

Philippe 40+ piano with Rustem Koudoyarov



Chère Arlette,

Encore un fois merci.

Stefano il est un petit peu fatigué cette année... je crois qu'il a bien vécu ces deux semaines au stage

 Je te dois faire mes compliments pour ce que tu arrive à organiser.

Tout le monde que j'ai rencontré au stage était heureux, même plus que d'habitude (et c'est difficile!).

Le voyage à été agréable, pas de problèmes. Je dois dire merci à William, qui m'a aidé avec la recherche du taxi.

Encore: Alexander Trostiansky vient jouer à Genova en septembre, mais je ne sais pas où et quand. Comment pourrais-je faire pour avoir des nouvelles?

Merci encore pour tout.

Je tiens beaucoup à ton amitié et a celle d'Alan.

Ciao, un abbraccio

Paolo Musso    Main course

Two sons in the main course




Dear Arlette
Just a little note to thank you for everything at the course 2006 –

 I know it was a difficult year for you, with so many people and not enough rooms, plus
the kitchens being refurbished, but you coped so well and I really appreciated all the kindness you showed me. 
Looking forward to next year already.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer - but I think we've already had the best 2 weeks!
Annette Forkin David Bellugi masterclass +Dolmetsch recorder course


Wednesday, 09 August 2006

Chère Arlette,
Vous avez créé un monde à part, en invitant toutes les générations à se
retrouver autour de la musique, du plaisir et du travail, et pour cela nous vous serons toujours reconnaissants et fidèles a
. Le plus difficile est, comme nous l'avions prévu, de se retrouver dans le monde "normal".
Quand le DVD sera-t-il prêt?
Et les photos en ligne?

Dr Alexandre-Pierre GASPAR


Wednesday, 09 August 2006

Dear Arlette
 The experience of having the three children
to myself in London for two weeks has reinforced my view that two weeks in the course was a stoke of genius for us. !  It was miraculously good timing to be out of London
for the hottest July ever, and the pool was quite wonderful.
I myself enjoyed the two weeks very much as well. It is a wonderful opportunity
to meet new people who come from a rather different world from my own, and
to share their enthusiasm for the music.  The course has a very good atmosphere
, which comes down to your skill and choices in staff. 
 I hope that the students felt that they had learnt something from their
time with me.  John enjoyed the concerts and felt that all three children
had really developed during the two weeks..
 You do a magnificent job to put such a scheme together. 
You were right to say that it was strange to be back home again - I missed
being in the collegiate atmosphere and did not like having to get back to shopping, cooking and driving again! 
Talk to you soon, best wishes to Alan and the family

Romayne  O.Campbell



Cara Arlette,

grazie per tutto quello che hai fatto a Frensham!

Sembrerebbe che ogni anno sia meglio del precedente.

Mi sono divertita molto,  ho lavorato moltissimo, ho perso due chili, ma soprattutto mi è piaciuta la settimana del pre-course perchè ho molto migliorato il mio inglese insieme a persone molto simpatiche.

Tantissimi saluti a te e ad Alan, e spero proprio di poter tornare l'anno venturo.

Albertina  Del Bo



Cara Arlette,

quest'anno mi sono trovato molto meglio rispetto all'anno scorso, i compagni erano molto più simpatici.

Il mio inglese ha fatto enormi progressi grazie, in primo luogo al pre-crasch course.

se posso dare un consiglio, suggerisco, senza far troppo "l'italiano all'estero", di migliorare la cucina che, verso la seconda settimana è un po peggiorata, specialmente il breakfast.

le lezioni con rustem sono stupende e musica da camera è molto divertente.

ti ringrazio e spero di tornare anche l'anno prossimo.

Arturo.  Del Bo


Chère Arlette
un mot un peu tardif pour vous remercier pour avoir accueilli Mathilde, qui a été absolument ravie du stage  fin juillet
Elle est revenue enthousiaste sur la musique, l'enseignement, l'ambiance, etc.. et est repartie avec son violoncelle en vacances!
Florence et moi avons également beaucoup apprécié le bouquet final du dernier week end et la qualité des prestations des élèves comme des professeurs, de la musique de chambre, comme de l'orchestre
j'espère que Mathilde reviendra l'année prochaine
merci beaucoup
Martin Hirsch

18 August 2006


Dear Arlette,


This was my 4th time in the course

Every year is different: the weather, the number of students, the teachers, the programme,  ... All that may vary except one thing: 15 days of intense work in a very friendly and congenial atmosphere.


For those who were not with us, here is a summary of these 15 days.

- The weather: what an English weather! 30° C every day and 34°C (the highest temperature in record in England) one day. I'll remember that because of the beautiful "coup de soleil" I have got.

- The swimming pool: thank God there was a swimming pool; very useful when we got 15 minutes between 2 rehearsals or lessons.

- The pub: not enough time to go to compare the atmosphere of ALL the pubs around .

- The food/ catering: Very good for a diet. I never ate such a lot vegetables and oranges in 15 days!

- We’ve got a lot of new friends: wasps. I don't understand why you invited so many wasps this year, and I forgot the instrument they played.


Thank you Arlette for having managed that so well for one hundred people. 


Now, I am (back to work) in Paris: 17 °C (hard to believe that we are in August!), tired but happy to have spent my holidays working hard with Sarah Pool (classical singing), Letizia Morelli (jazz singing),  and Edwin Rolles (chamber choir and choir).

 See you next year!


Tatiana – Paris ….ty years old (classical and jazz singing, percussions)


21August 2006


Dear Arlette


Now that the summer is nearly over and we are slowly returning to school again, I wanted to thank you for organising the wonderful week Connie had the first week of the above summer camp.

We came to it late and could only manage half the session but she benefited from it enormously. She came home playing the piano very differently and having enjoyed her violin experience too. Participating in the choir and orchestra were new experiences for her at that level because unfortunately she has not had the chance at school and she thrived!

Connie also enjoyed her French lessons and making new musical friends very much. All in all a great experience.

Because we left half way through the course, we were unable to speak to the piano and violin teachers to hear their impressions of Connie. I am in email correspondence with Monsieur Villard who I would very much like to speak to. But I do not have any contact details for Monsieur Jean Luc Borsarello and I would like to hear both their impressions. Can you forward me email and phone numbers?

With many thanks once again for all your efforts


 Diana Marshall

23 August 2006


Feed back 2005 as they come


Hi Arlette

Just to say a BIG THANK YOU for all your organisation in bringing in  together such a fantastic course.

Sarah thoroughly enjoyed herself and really was sad saying her goodbyes. And also thank you to Alan for his very careful and kind teaching.

Would you forward me your full home address, I know Sarah would like to drop you both a note.

In the meantime thank you again Arlette  and look forward to speaking to you soon.

Kindest regards





for Sarah Watts grade 8- 12 years old violin with J-L Borsarello


Bonjour Arlette,

Voila, je suis bien rentrée du stage

J'ai laisse David (le violoniste) a la gare du Nord, tout s'est bien passe' pour lui jusque-là, le train était à l'heure !

J'ai regardé les photos du stage faites par David et Didier avec Mary, C’est super !! (Je pense qu'il manque les photos de la 1ere partie du concert des stagiaires  je vais lui envoyer un email. du coup on a aussi regardé' les photos de 2004 !

Merci encore pour ce très beau stage, qui existe comme il est grâce à ton travail,  ton exigence humaine et ta passion pour la musique.



PS) Special thanks to Inigo, Nitzan and William for their outstanding musicality, and for their quite different ways of getting a student to surpass him(her)self ;-)

Composition with William Godfree/Cello Catherine 40...ish  years old


merci beaucoup pour le site des photos ça fait des très bon souvenir...en tout cas j ai vraiment adoré ce stage et j espère    Vraiment pouvoir le refaire l année prochaine...

ces deux semaines c était vraiment le paradis pour moi! Merci infiniment!

Amélie 15 years old Flute with Nicola Mazzanti


J’ai passe beaucoup de temps à regarder les photos...

Gauthier vient de se pencher sur le site ce soir et parle beaucoup, beaucoup! Ses amis n'ont pas arreté de venir mais il est encore a Frensham!

  Le voyage a été dur avec une attente d'une heure devant le quai sans pouvoir descendre. Je pense que le tien n'a pas non plus été de tout repos.

  J'ai de la musique plein la tête et même si je ne suis restée que 3 jours,  il me semble encore une fois que ç'était agréablement long!

  Je ne sais quand je partirai dans les landes car Izzy va peut être  venir ces jours ci avec son neveu Primus...

 Bref j'ai un peu l'impression que la vie de Gauthier devient très riche de rencontres et qu'il me faut suivre! ...

  J'ai l'impression de ne pas t'avoir assez vue. Il y avait tellement de choses à faire ! Mais c"est toujours aussi agréable d'être près de toi! Je suis heureuse pour toi car j'ai l'impression que ce fut vraiment un très bon stage et ce ne sera sûrement pas le dernier!


Marie-Hélène for Gauthier 16 years old Trumpet  and piano with Vera Müllerova


Hello, Musicians,

After a long journey we were safe home again..

I'd like to say thank you for the nice time I had in the Dolmetsch Summer School and I was very glad to meet all of you and make such nice music.

. I hope to come again another year.

Thank you, and best wishes


 Dolmetsch Recorder course



Je sais que Béatrice est en contact avec vous, mais je tenais à vous exprimer directement ma reconnaissance.

Bravo pour votre stage 2005 qui nous a laissé une très forte impression: toute la famille est partante pour l'année prochaine (si bien sûr vous voulez de nous!).

Ci-joint un moment de musique concocté par Karl et Sarah (Quicktime movie). Encore une fois merci pour la qualité de votre organisation et votre approche humaine, libre mais clairvoyante, des petits mais aussi des plus grands.

Et bien sûr tous mes remerciements à Alan pour son attention et sa gentillesse.

Alexandre-Pierre GASPAR. (for Karl 18  Composition with  William Godfree and Helena Flute 17



Cara Arlette,
Il corso di lmfl è un evento particolare nel mondo degli stage estivi che possiamo offrire ai nostri figli adolescenti e giovani nel periodo delle vacanze. E' la realizzazione straordinaria di un'intuizione geniale di Arlette Herrenschmidt: passare due settimane nel segno della gioia di vivere, guidati dall'amore per la musica, dalla voglia di conoscere persone diverse da sè, in un posto di rara bellezza.
Arlette ha saputo creare i presupposti affinchè i giovani ospiti di LMFL possano lavorare intensamente e con grande profitto divertendosi molto.

Sono affidati a docenti eccezionali da un punto di vista umano e professionale: dividono con i propri allievi praticamente tutte le 24 ore del giorno, coinvolgendoli nello studio tecnico e nell'interpretazione del linguaggio musicale, ma anche giocando con loro e dividendo le ore dei pasti e del riposo (poco). I risultati alla fine sono eccellenti: i ragazzi spesso imparano più in questi 15 giorni intensivi che in mesi a casa propria.

L'offerta musicale è amplissima, e spazia dal classico al jazz, dai canti corali alla musica da camera. Alain Moller organizza e sorveglia la parte relativa alle lezioni di lingua straniera, in particolare l'inglese, avvalendosi di collaboratrici esperte: una garanzia di migliorare le proprie conoscenze in materia.
L'ambiente internazionale dello stage è uno degli aspetti più coinvolgenti: musicisti provenienti da paesi diversi tra loro e con esperienza didattica e culturale differente, con ragazzi inglesi, francesi, italiani, turchi e coreani: una meraviglia, un inno alla tolleranza in tempi difficili.


 Infine la scelta del posto è tra le più felici: nella campagna inglese, in una villa antica immersa nel verde, con una struttura efficiente e collaudata; le fotografie del sito non rendono giustizia alla bellezza , vedere per credere.

Sono tre anni che iscrivo mio figlio al corso: ogni anno Stefano è sempre più contento e ripete che è il più bel regalo che possa fargli. Da parte mia, attendo con ansia i tre giorni di vacanza che mi concedo quando vado a prenderlo: è per me un raro piacere ascoltare della buona musica in un ambiente straordinario, in compagnia di persone prezione che imparo ad apprezzare ogni anno di più.
Paolo Musso for Stefano 15 years old piano with Vera Müllerova


Bonjour Arlette,
Thank you very much for all the organization of the course  !
J'ai passé 2 semaines géniales !

Alors concernant mes cours de violon avec Alexander : il m'a appris plein de choses très utiles et j'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à aller à ses  cours ! C'est vraiment un très grand violoniste !  J'ai aussi vraiment
adoré la musique de chambre : c'était aussi Alexander qui nous supervisait : il nous a transmis une sensibilité pour l'interprétation de  notre trio. Par contre le seul regret que j'ai, est que ces 2 semaines ont passé trop vite :-).

 Ce n'est qu'à la fin du stage que l'on a réalisé avec quelques autres stagiaires que l'on aurait pu faire encore des duos  ou d'autres ensembles avec d'autres instruments. Mais on sait que l'on aurait de toute façon pas eu le temps de tout faire.

Céline Miserez 18 year old violin with Alexander Trostiansky


London 24 November 2008

Dear Arlette - a very very late but still honest thank you for the course we did in the summer.  It was a very rewarding week for all of us, and also very interesting.  I hope that you had a good two weeks and also had a well deserved rest afterwards………………..
……………………… ………………………………………………………………………………..

I am thinking hard about the idea of returning next year, At the moment, with Rosie just starting school, I don't know what I will be doing by then ……It was a very good and interesting course which you run, and I certainly enjoyed myself,

Best wishes
Romayne.38….ish Vocal jazz

Hester 9 years old cello Peter Pan Course

James 7 years old recorder Peter Pan Course

and Rosie 4 years old violin Peter Pan Course


Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Cara Arlette,

il soggiorno a lmfl è stato fantastico! Mi piace rivedere nelle fotografie la casa (che subito mi ha ricordato il castello di Hogwards di Harry Potter), la meravigliosa vista dalla mia camera sulla campagna e la splendida Ball Room delle prove d’orchestra e dei concerti. 

Era bellissimo sentire la musica dappertutto e parlare di musica (e non solo di quello) con le mie amiche Sarah e Defne provando con loro i pezzi di violino in camera. Così il mio inglese ha avuto grandi progressi.

Bravi davvero i miei maestri-amici Vera e Jean-Luc che spero di ritrovare l’anno venturo.

Ringrazio te e Allan per l’idea bellissima che avete avuto e per come riuscite a organizzare tutto.

Non vedo l’ora di tornare a LMFL l’anno prossimo!

Un caro saluto

Albertina Del Bo 12 years old   violin and piano




Cara Arlette,

nonostante i problemi avuti con i compagni di stanza mi sono divertito un sacco. Ricordo le lotte in piscina con il mio simpatico maestro Rustem.

 Il nuovo sport del biliardo mi ha molto divertito e mi ha fatto conoscere e diventare amico di Nitzan, grande maestro di violoncello e di biliardo!

I concerti finali sono stati belli e divertenti e rimpiango ancora le buone colazioni con bacon and eggs e salsicce e funghi, e la stupenda musica che si sentiva attraversando il musikblock.

Il giardino era stupendo e l’enorme palazzo ricordava Hogwards. Non vedo l’ora di tornare l’anno prossimo e provare un nuovo strumento per avere l’ebbrezza di suonare nell’orchestra.

Ho fatto grandi progressi nell’inglese e ora riesco finalmente a comunicare.

Un caro saluto a te e Allan

Arturo del Bo  piano


VIth lmfl  Musical Summer course

Feedback from the course 2003…as they arrive

The regular LMFL's Course




Dear Arlette,

Maria and Carla arrived so happy....! Thanks for this wonderful experience that you facilitaded to Maria. Rosa and me are very glad seing Maria so engaged with music and with musicians from around the world. It is so valuable!

Warm grettings to you and Alan

Ramon (Barcelonna)



Hello my dear!


Coming back to Berlin everything is so boring, nobody sings with me - and I´d prefere to go back to the course

This year was just wonderful and I want to thank you for all the energy you put in this project, that gives all participants so much joy. …………

But LMFL ‘ course gave me a little more power, took me away from my everyday life and I am already longing for next year!!!

Lots of love,

Sandra (Berlin)



……….I really enjoyed the course this year, maybe even more than last year. I
felt less shocked by what I had to do, met some really nice people, enjoyed
all the students, and learnt how *not* to play the trumpet!! I think the
whole thing was a great success. Several people said to me they thought it
was a vintage year!

Stephanie (Bristol)


Chère Arlette,


Je vous remercie encore pour ces superbes jours passés au stage de LMFL ; comme l'année dernière, j'ai  beaucoup apprécié le stage. Tout de suite après, je suis allée visiter l'Irlande pendant quinze jours ! Quel merveilleux pays, vert et pluvieux !

Au sujet des écoles dont nous avons parlé, s'il vous est possible de m'envoyer les noms exacts et les coordonnés, je pense que ça me sera très utile.

Dans l'attente de vos nouvelles, je vous adresse mes plus amicales et musicales pensées……

Elodie Bosquet (Nice France)




I am still quite amazed by the two week course: such an incredible atmosphere: a mixture of people rushing from one session to another one … the feeling that all are running and that all want to do it all: one to one session, chamber music, orchestra, choir and the discovering of jazz for some of us.

The younger ones being shepherded into their bedroom at the allocated time by the best prefects one could dream of despite their frustration and protests…. And yet they were not resentful the next day even though I remember that some Spanish and British teenagers found it difficult to accept.

Going to Arlette's office was quite a moment: there you found fresh fruits,  photocopier, fresh coffee, internet, tel, medicines and always a large bunch of people ready for a friendly chat in Italian, English, French, Spanish or Russian simultaneously –not that I could understand all of it  (teachers and students alike) the mixture of ages was a new experiment for me and I was amazed to see how harmonious it was.

The quality and dedication of the teachers was a very high point and the chamber music organized by Jean-Luc Borsarello was very imaginative: he adapted to all circumstances!

2 weeks of happiness..Thanks a million

Mary 35 years old



Dear Arlette,

I know it's been a long time since the music course, but I've been really busy these last 3 months and I couldn't write you before... I just wanted to thank you for the experience: I had a wonderful time, as usual! Carla had a great time too and we're thinking about coming again next year. We both arrived really excited and now we keep in touch with some of the friends that we met there.

Thank you so much for organising this wonderful course!


Maria Riera (17 years old, Barcelona)





How are you?

I am fine but my holidays are quite finished….lessons, boarding and music (at least!)

So this is a very big thank you to give us all the opportunity to share a time of happiness and exchanges around music and languages

I have only one goal to come back to THE COURSE  as soon as possible because thanks to the heartfelt atmosphere and the warm ambiance I got the impression that I now belong to a new family

Thanks again and I hope I'm going to see you again

Lots if kisses

Flora (flute and recorder) 12 years old French


Letters and feedback from participants formers years


Bonjour Arlette !

Merci beaucoup encore pour ce stage formidable !! je ne m’en suis toujours pas vraiment remise moralement… :-)

 j’ai vraiment passé un très bon moment et la musique, l’ambiance et les gens que j’y ai rencontrés me manquent beaucoup !
A bientôt !
Maïlys Joucla  voice tuition



Arlett et Agnes,

 Si les teen agers -comme vous les appelez- peuvent dire merci Papa et merci Maman, nous dirons plutôt merci Arlette pour les 15 jours passés à Frensham.

Avant de quitter l'Angleterre, nous avons passé qques heures à Londres : au Royal Festival Hall (c'était climatisé!) puis direction Bond Street pour acheter des partitions au magasin Chappell.

La rentrée à Paris a été un peu difficile (chaleur et pollution); aussi garderons-nous en tête le plus longtemps possible les images de gens aimables et souriants, ainsi que les sons des rires des chansons et autre musique...

Ce n'est pas très facile de démarrer la rentrée en étant fatigués mais j'aime ce type de vacances!  Bonnes vacances.

 tatiana  voice tuition , Choir +or-40 years old  ears old 

and Philippe +or-40 years old  piano and Choir


05/08/2002 02:45:03 GMT Daylight Time
Dear Arlette,
Thank you for having taken Jack on at such short notice. It was a great success from what we have heard, and we understand that both his piano and Italian teachers were really excellent.

 We greatly look forward to seeing the video of the final concert.
Please keep us and him informed about your organisation's future plans too.

For Jack Graham 20 year old British  Piano and Italian
Regards Richard and Louise Graham

05/08/2002 03:53:54 GMT Daylight Time

Chère Madame,

 Je n'ai pu vous adresser plus tôt un e-mail pour vous informer qu'Elodie était bien rentrée car j'étais à la montagne et l'ordinateur se trouve à Nice, à mon bureau.

 Elodie a fait un très bon voyage de retour et a été enchantée du stage effectué à Frensham, tant par la beauté des lieux, la gentillesse du groupe, le professionnalisme de tous les intervenants ainsi que votre attachement à ce que tout se déroule parfaitement. Elle aurait même souhaité qu'il dure un peu plus longtemps et sera ravie de revenir l'année prochaine si tous les paramètres sont réunis pour cela.

 Il me semble qu'elle gardera, dans tous les cas, un très bon souvenir de ses 20 ans en Angleterre !

 Je tenais également à vous dire que l'idée d'associer musique et langues (dont l’anglaise ) est excellente et que votre site internet est très bien réalisé.

 En vous remerciant pour la photo de groupe,

 Veuillez agréer, Chère Madame, l'expression de mes sincères salutations.

 Isabelle Bosquet

for Elodie 20 ans  French  Piano and English


01/08/2002 11:22:46 GMT Daylight Time

From: (Dorothy)

Dearest Arlette,

 Hi! Dorothy here. This is my first time attending Summer course, it turned out a great one. 

Although is tiring for 2 weeks, but i enjoy my piano lessons and jazz vocal lessons as well.

The teachers are great and plus with the student and teachers concert are wonderful. I have learned a lot. If I'm still in London next year, I will definitely come again. 

Dorothy Cheoy 21 years old  Malaysian

Piano and jazz vocal Italian as Foreign Language

02/08/2002 03:36:35 GMT Daylight Time




01/08/2002 12:48:44 GMT Daylight Time
From:  (Ramon Riera)

Dear Arlette and Alan,

A quick feed back about Maria’s experience, before we leave to Chicago (our family trip of summer).

She arrived really happy, very exited, and also a bit sad because she missed her new French friends.

 But the day after her arrival she started to receive phone calls from them and she seems “recovered”. She is enthusiastic with the experience: the wonderful place, the friends, the musical atmosphere etc… She wants to repeat.

With respect the musical part we will see… At the moment she doesn’t play piano, she doesn’t want to show us what she has learnt.

Well, we will see if this experience will help her to like to practice more during next academic course. I’ll keep you informed.

Thanks for giving this wonderful experience to our daughter.

Ramon and Rosa


29/07/2002 07:37:38 GMT Daylight Time

à Arlette
  Merci pour ces 2 merveilleuses semaines. La générosité, le sérieux, la convivialité étaient une nouvelle fois au rendez-vous
. En espérant pouvoir revenir, il me tarde déjà d'être au 14 juillet prochain.
   Je vous embrasse, à bientôt,
 Jeanne.( Direction d’orchestre  & piano) 18 years old



31/07/2002 03:00:15 GMT Daylight Time

Sandra Peso

Dear Arlette,
Hi, it's Sandra.
I really enjoyed staying at the course. The first days were a bit hard but then when I started getting to know some people, it became wonderful.
The rooms, the bathrooms, the canteen, the swimming pool, the office, also 6th FORM (!!!) was really great.

Knowing people from different countries was very interesting.

 I think I improved my English, and more important I started becoming more professional on playing the piano.

 Thank you for everything.
I hope (!!! very much) I'll see you next year!


Sandra 12 years old

Piano (Turkish)



31/07/2002 06:10:15 GMT Daylight Time

  Voici juste un petit mot pour vous remercier particuilèrement ainsi que tout l'équipe de LMFL pour ces deux semaines passées ensemble.

Ce fut une nouvelle fois un séjour incroyablement enrichissant et intense tant sur le plan musical que culturel et humain.

Je n'oublierai pas les rencontres que j'ai faites au stage,  la qualité de tout ce qu'on y trouve: aussi bien pour les prestations que pour l'enseignement qui nous y est dispensé et pour la musique qu'il nous est permis d'y entendre.

Ce sont des gens exceptionnels dans une ambiance et un cadre que l'on ne trouve nulle part ailleurs.
Pour tout cela donc, merci. J'espère réellement pouvoir revenir l'an prochain et retrouver tout le monde.
J'ai hâte de pouvoir voir les vidéos des concerts, et le CD du concert des profs doit aussi vraiment valoir la peine.
Bref, en attendant, je vous remercie une nouvelle fois pour tout,
à bientôt,

French    Harp 20 years old



31/07/2002 09:55:21 GMT Daylight Time riera velasco)

Dear Arlette,

This is Maria Riera, from Spain, and I just wanted to write you in order to tell you that I had a wonderful experience!

The first 2 days I was a little bit scared, because I didn't know anybody, and I though that maybe I would spend 15 days alone, studying music.

But after 2 days, I started to know people and the system in Frensham.

I mean, you have your lessons but then you have your own free time and you can practice or spend it with your friends doing different activities.

And then the teachers and the students, they all are really special!

All the teachers are like friends, and they are really motivated, I mean they enjoy teaching and spending time there!

Even the English lesson was great! All people there are like a big family!

Of course we had some problems with someone sometime, but in general, we all were great together!

And the place, this big beautiful house, I think it's the perfect place for this course!

I think that it has been that special because of all this things: the people, the teachers, the music and the place.

You are in another world completely different than my city... I know it is just 15 days (next year it could be 3 weeks!!!) but believe me, it changes you!

The first day when I arrived to Barcelona, I felt like I needed something, and I think it was the music!

I mean, in 15 days you are stuyding music, everywhere you go you hear music, every time you want, you talk about music, you live with music!

But it's not like 24 hours a day working and working! No, it's not that!!! I just worked when I felt like working and it was really different than when I work at my home, I mean in that place even I enjoyed working!! Yes, I know I didn't work so much, but when I did it, I was enjoying it!

That's all, and about coming again next year, I don't know... I really want to but you know, in one year things can change a lot, and I can change my mind, but I think I'll come again!!! And then I'll be almost 17, and I hope I can go to bed later!!!

Thanks for all; it was a really good experience for me, I think I've learnt a lot, and not only in the musical field.

Best wishes,

MARIA RIERA  Barcelona

 P.S. I forgot talking about the sixth form center and the swimming pool!! Both are great, but I prefer the sixth form, because it's cool for having fun with all your friends. The pool is cool too, but you know, with the English weather it's difficult to enjoy it...

Maria Spanish (just sixteen and very far on going on seventeen) who found it difficult to got to bed at an “English” and LMFL’s time-

She came to study English and ended up improving her piano and voice skills -she was awfully musical-  ‘said Vera-!’



 London March 5, 2002


Dear Language and Music For Life

 My fourteen-year-old son, Harvey, greatly enjoyed the two weeks in July 2001 at the LMFL’s course. He learnt many musical and language skills during this time.

 His Harp and Jazz piano playing improved significantly during this time and he also was very happy to join in the choir and to sing a solo at the concert.

The international and friendly atmosphere inspired him and he definitely will be coming back in July 2002.

 As a parent I obviously wanted to be sure of his safety. However within one hour of arrival Alan Moller and Arlette Herrenschmidt-Moller, the principals of Language & Music For Life, had made us feel completely at home within the safe environment of  LMFL

 Hopefully you as successful year this year - and I can't wait to enjoy the memorable music making that my wife and I enjoyed so much at the end of Festival.

  With all best wishes

 Steve Brink

London N21 3AB   For Harvey (14 years old. Harp, Composition, Piano Jazz, Voice tuition.)


 Chère Arlette

Je tiens à te dire ainsi qu'à toute l'équipe l'excellent souvenir que je garde du séjour ,  ainsi que les progrès réalisés en anglais (je crois qu'il y a de quoi faire...)
Mais surtout de l'excellente ambiance et de la sympathie de chacun. Tous ont vraiment été charmants …j'aurais plaisir à rencontrer chacun à toute autre occasion…. les éléments positifs et fantastiques dont notamment la qualité et l'intérêt exceptionnel de tous les concerts et auditions de fin de stage que j'ai trouvé au stage

Bernard Cavalade (50 years old, English, choir and viola)


8/1/2001 7:27:16 PM GMT Daylight Time


 Un grand merci à toute l'équipe qui nous a permis de passer deux semaines véritablement enrichissantes. Surtout continuez, il s'agit d'une idée extraordinaire dont d'autres personnes doivent profiter. En espérant vous revoir l'an prochain, et encore merci,

Jeanne Chaulot-Talmon 18 years old (Direction d’orchestre et piano)


Bonjour Arlette,
 Comment-allez vous?
Nous avons visionné les cassettes des différents concerts et je peux vous assurer que mes parents se sont, dés lors, montrés véritablement
enthousiastes et particulièrement enchantés après avoir constaté tout le sérieux et le charme du stage. Par ailleurs j'ai réussi mon examen de piano qui avait lieu le 18/10. J'entre en supérieur.
Enfin serait-il possible de me communiquer une facture du stage: à mon nom, avec les dates de séjour et  les détails des différentes activités.

En espérant vous revoir bientôt,


 Croatia March 2001

Dear Mrs Herrenschmidt-Moller

of course I would like to come to the course to the summer school again because I had such a wonderful time there last summer.

Teachers and music and so many other things were beautiful

Maya V. 17 years old- violin Croatia


Paris October 2000

Let me take this opportunity to thank you again for the success of the 3rd musical summer.
Again, nice people have gathered and shared their passion for music and language.
Again, everyone was aiming at giving the best he could to fulfill his own and other's objectives, based on a reliable and genuine commitment and a high level involvement. Again everyone has shared as much as he could and succeeded in pleasing
others, through hard work as well as fun. What else could we hope, for a success?
As far as I am concerned, it truly went far beyond expectation. In the end, I even appreciated potatoes and I have missed them for a while... Book me for next year, for sure (if I haven't gone over the age limit !).
J M  ZIRANO. 36 years old Composition


Caracas  Venezuala January  2001

Thanks Arlette for all your notes, hope you had a wonderful holiday and happy new year for you and your family and affects, guys are wonderful, growing so much, Juan is tall already as his father and Arturo missing a little.

Next Monday they are auditioning to go to the Interlochen Camp for Music in Michigan USA, they have been working so hard for that. Juan have been also composing fantastic pieces, they played the composition, he made in the course for Christmas day to the family, and they couldn’t believe it, I think he will be a good composer, and more, he is teaching his brother Arturo what he learned.
So dear Arlette, this is a proud mother writing you about the progress of her sons, and always appreciated what they got from the LMFL’s course
We get in touch,
Warms regards,

Marixa Pérez Venezuela

For Juan Manuel,15 years old Composition, clarinet & English     Arturo 13 years old  piano & English



Paris, 31 août 1999

Chers amis.

Je tenais à vous remercier tout particulièrement pour la qualité de cette quinzaine

Cette initiative n'a pas de prix, est sans égale à mes yeux et votre engagement est fervent et sans compromis.

"Bravo !"est certainement le mot le plus approprié pour vous transmettre, au-delà de mes remerciements, mon enthousiasme et le sourire que ce séjour m'inspire.

Faire de la musique, mais communiquer aussi en partageant des langages, cet alliage est réussi, ce mélange est inouï et les personnes rencontrées touchantes et attachantes pour qui sait en profiter !

Je souhaite donc longue vie à Language & Music For Life, since it really makes life better.

Bien sincèrement et cordialement.

J-M. Z.French ( 39ans) Composition and English as a Foreign Language


  Bologna, 2nd of September

.... Why only 2 weeks? It could have go on and on...

Davide Esposi

. Italian (17 years old) Saxo Jazz




Tokyo 17th September

Dear friends

I am grateful for all your kindness and generous hospitality during our stay

We got used to the English way step by step and learned to use our English better.

I appreciated your thoughtfulness and concern.

Mrs M. & Yukari  Japan

Piano & English as a Foreign Language

 Caen 26/09/99

…les liens tissés pendant le stage ont été très forts, pouvoir recommencer un jour serait merveilleux.

Elliane D. French (47ans) Jazz



Thank you so much for a wonderful course .

I truly enjoy every aspect of my stay.

Ewa R. Polish (30 ans) French as a Foreign Language